Thursday, 21 August 2014

A List of Some of the Top Venture Capital Firms In Singapore Venture Capital Firms in Singapore

Over the last few years, venture capital raising in Singapore has gained great momentum with the emergence of some of the top firms creating new opportunities for the entrepreneurs. If you have a newly-started business, you are well-aware of the importance of capital in its growth and expansion and any clue about a potential investor is always welcome news for you. Among all the Southeast Asian nations, Singapore has currently the most active venture capital industry. In case you are currently planning for capital raising in Singapore, here are some of the top venture capital firms you must know:

JFDI. Asia - Sector : Technology

Jungle Ventures - Sectors: Healthcare, Ecommerce, Digital Media and Entertainment, Search and Digital Marketing, Tourism. Etc.

Ardent Capital – Sectors: Technology, Advertising, Transactional Commerce, etc.

Carlyle Group – Sectors: Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy, Corporate and Private Equity.

Intel Capital – Sectors: Digital Media and Entertainment, Software Services, Computing, Mobile, Consumer Internet, Manufacturing Industry.

In sight Ventures – Sectors: Internet Marketing, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Gaming, IT Security, etc.

Golden Gate Ventures – Sectors: Technology, Online Business, Finance, Mobile, etc.

Merger Alpha – An intelligent network of investors, entrepreneurs and advisers.

TNF Ventures – Sectors: Telecommunications, Technology, Medical, Eco-friendly Products/Services, Media, etc.

Sing tell Innov8 – Sectors: Digital Content Services, Customer Service Enhancers, Next Generation Devices, Network Capabilities, etc.

Upstream Ventures – Sectors: IT, Internet, Software Services, Security, Biometrics, IDM and Semiconductors.

Stream Global – Sectors: Mobile, Digital Media, ICT, etc.

Walden International – Sectors: IT and Software, Internet/Digital marketing, Clean tech, Semiconductors, Emerging technologies, etc.

FLAG Capital – Sectors: Real Estate, Energy resources, etc.

Gobi Partners – Sectors: Digital Media, Digital technology, etc.

JAFCO Asia – Sectors: Technology

Extreme Ventures – Sectors: Interactive Digital media, Mobile and Wireless, Security, biometrics, Semiconductors, Internet, etc.

Mc Lean Watson Capital – Sectors: Technology, IT, Software Services, Telecommunications, Energy, etc.

There is nothing like finding and successfully convincing the right venture capitalists. With a unique business idea, a highly-skilled and organized management team, a scalable market, a sound knowledge of finance and marketing and an innovative business model, you can definitely be one of those few lucky entrepreneurs who have successfully taken their business to new heights with venture capital.
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